restaurant meals

When preparing food for restaurant service a chef spends a lot of prepping food for the service. They have to cut, marinate, and have the food all set so it can be cooked and sent of to waiting customers. There are some kitchen tools that were designed to reduce the amount of time that it takes to prep the food.

Hamburger Patty Press
This press will allow a chef to form the perfect shaped hamburger. The burgers will come out in a consistent size every time. This press will allow four patties to be formed from a pound of ground meat. This will help control the portion of the burgers which will help save money on food costs. The press will allow the burgers to be formed. All the chef has to do is cook the burger when it is ordered and sent it out to the customer.

Commercial Ice Makers

Basic commercial ice makers include everything from self-contained undercounter units, to individual modular units, to combination units where an ice head is paired with an appropriate bin. Consider the width and condenser type so you find the right machine for your business.

Meat Grinder
This kitchen tool will help a chef make homemade ground meat that can be used in patties, meatloaf, and a number of other applications. The chef can also add their own spices to the meat. This grinder is able to produce over 250 pounds of meat per hours. This will decrease the prep time significantly. There is even overload protection to help protect the motor of the grinder. The grinder is made from stainless steel so it is easy to clean.

Fry Cutters
French fries are a great side dish to many types of foods. Fries can go with everything from a burger to a steak. It does take a lot of time to cut French fries by hand. It can also be difficult to get the fries to be a consistent size and have the same thickness. The automatic fry cutter will cut potatoes evenly every time. The fries can be cut into ½ inch thick slices and the cutter can slide 720 potatoes per hour. There is also a safety shield to keep the hands away from the cutting area.

Vegetable Cutter
vegetable cutterMany dishes call for vegetables that have been chopped. This can take a lot of time getting everything ready. The vegetable chopper is a safe way to cut vegetables in different sizes. All a cook has to do is select the size setting they want and the machine will cut them in no time. The vegetables cutter can dice and cut soft vegetables such as tomatoes or harder vegetables such as celery.
These are just some of the kitchen equipment that can reduce the amount of prep time. This will help make things easier for the chef and allow them to get the food out faster to their customers.